Our Wiltshire referral centre has been recognised as a gold level cat clinic by the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM).

Eastcott Veterinary Referrals has been awarded the prestigious status, which follows hot on the heels of a major £3 million redevelopment of its Swindon hospital.

The award is a big honour for the practice, with Eastcott Veterinary Referrals being recognised as delivering the highest standard of care and facilities for felines, further enhancing its reputation for first-class care and treatment.

Eastcott clinical director Duncan Barnes said: “A huge congratulations to Hannah Nicholls and the feline friendly team for the hard work and dedication which has gone into achieving this gold award.

“At Eastcott, we are committed to excellence at every level and this is a ringing endorsement of our work here, as to attain gold status you must offer an exceptional care package for cats.

“Cats are sensitive animals and offering them a stress-free environment is really important.

“First and foremost, all staff must be trained in feline-friendly care to ensure all cats receive the best possible experience from the moment they come through the door to the time they go home.

“To ensure this, we have a separate waiting area, separate hospital wards and separate kennels for cats, which are positioned well away from dogs and other animals to create a stress-free environment.”

Hannah Nicholls, RVN referral surgical nurse team leader and leader of the cat-friendly team at Eastcott, said the clinic also benefits the team there and helps them to deliver the best of care.

Hannah said: “If a cat is relaxed and at ease then it is easier to examine and treat without the risk of being scratched or bitten. So, a happy cat also means a happy vet and a happy nurse.”

Eastcott offers expert care in cardiology, dentistry, internal medicine, ophthalmology, oral and maxillofacial surgery, oncology orthopaedics, soft tissue surgery, laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, diagnostic imaging and CT, anaesthesia and analgesia and has its own emergency and critical care centre.

For more information about Eastcott Veterinary Referrals, visit www.eastcottreferrals.co.uk or search for Eastcott Veterinary Referrals on social media.

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