What are we doing in order to achieve our strategy?

In order to ensure that all of those in our nursing teams have job satisfaction there are eight areas of focus:

  • Implementation of nursing team structures
  • Creating opportunity for career progression
  • Continual development of interprofessional understanding of roles
  • Utilisation to the top of everyone’s skill set
  • Targeted training and development
  • Access to apprenticeship funding
  • Nursing Career Framework and rewards programme
  • Nursing team communities and collaboration

Four strategic priorities

Building on the key challenges facing veterinary nursing, four strategic priorities have been identified to allow Linnaeus to nurture a veterinary nursing population which is supported and developed in order to reach its full potential:

Operational support – Working collaboratively with senior managers across Linnaeus, to achieve full utilisation and improve efficiencies in our nursing teams

Pre-registration experience management – Creating exceptional and highly supportive experiences for our patient care assistants and student veterinary nurses (FE and HE), in order for them to be trained and fully utilised with clear pathways for career progression

Post Registration programmes - Establishing a formalised post-registration programme to support newly qualified registered veterinary nurses moving into jobs in our specialist referral centres

Professional development - Supporting primary care and referral nurses to achieve their full development potential through the provision of tools to optimise the use of their skills and abilities throughout their careers

Our Nurses

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