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The Pre-registration experience managers role

The role of Pre-Registration Experience Managers enables us to support our practices, clinical supervisors, mentors, SVNs and PCAs within them. This is not a replacement for the training provider (colleges or universities) but an added level of expert support.

We work closely with all the organisations involved with veterinary nurse training in order to provide bespoke support where it is needed.

Ultimately to ensure that our Associates receive the best possible training experience, maintaining their motivation and fulfilling their potential and training goals within the practice.

Our objectives

Our objective is to develop a robust veterinary nurse population within our Linnaeus practices, nurturing our nursing Associates to feel supported and trained to fulfil their potential.

It is envisaged that as an SVN qualifies and registers as an RVN, this then opens an SVN position that will be filled by a PCA.

The business then recruits another PCA, given them the opportunity for progression. It is hoped that those newly qualified RVNs will become our clinical supervisors and mentors of the future, continuing the cycle of supportive training.


Practice support

Training Practice support

We offer support and guidance with facilitating appropriate practices to apply for RCVS approved veterinary nursing Training Practice (or auxiliary Training Practice) approval, and also for current TPs undergoing annual approval.

Primary Care and Referral support

We support practices in achieving a bespoke nurse support training structure to support the growth and efficiency of the practice. This will be based on our ‘grow our own’ approach, facilitating a robust VN population by an environment of learning and high-quality training products and support.


Introducing our Pre-registration experience managers

trish scorerTrish Scorer RVN BSc (Hons) D32/33/34
Lead Pre-registration Experience Manager

I am a Registered Veterinary Nurse, with a BSc (Hons) in Veterinary Nursing with Advanced Standing. I sit on the RCVS Pre-registration examination board committee and am an RCVS VNQA accreditation employer representative.

I joined Linnaeus’ VN Central Support Team as Lead Pre-registration Experience Manager in January 2020. The objective of our team is to build a robust veterinary nurse population by providing structured and supportive routes of training and progression for our patient care assistants and student veterinary nurses.

lucy middlecoteLucy Middlecote REVN PGCert CertEd FHEA
Pre-registration Experience Manager

I spent 12 years in education teaching veterinary nursing students before joining Linnaeus in February 2020. I am a practical examiner for the RCVS, City and Guilds, and VetSkill, and I have published content in both veterinary nursing textbooks and peer reviewed journals.

My role as a Pre-registration Experience Manager means that I work closely with Central Support Team, veterinary practices and course providers, in order to fully support all aspects of student veterinary nurse and patient care assistant training.

larissa mayLarissa May RVN BSc (Hons) TAQA
Pre-registration Experience Manager

Over the course of my career, I have gained experience in both primary care and emergency clinics. Realising my passion for supporting students within the veterinary profession, I made the move to the University of Bristol. At this institution, my focus was teaching student veterinary nurses the skills to become RVNs, supporting them within clinical placements and undertaking quality assurance.

I joined the Pre-registration Management team within Linnaeus in June 2021. My role is to work with the Central Support Team and veterinary practices, to create the optimum environment for learning and development amongst PCAs and SVNs.