Routes of progression for PCA's

PCA's within Linnaeus have various routes of progression available to them depending on their interests and previous academic achievements. We support the progression of PCA's into SVN roles as this downloadable PDF shows.

Student veterinary nurses

We want to ensure that all students in practice have an opportunity to access training via a Level 3 Veterinary Nurse apprenticeship. At Linnaeus we also recognise that each student will contribute to the learning that takes place across the entire practice team through their training.

We are therefore keen to support a diverse SVN population and create opportunities for not only further education SVNs, but also university students within their clinical placements. These students will be supported by a well-trained clinical supervisor in a practice where an environment of learning is the norm.

One of the first steps to motivating SVNs to progress well within their training is providing a robust induction to meet those basic needs.


We encourage practices to complete various steps within their induction process, this includes:

  • Completing the central SVN induction checklist
  • Completing a training agreement between the SVN and the practice
  • Completing an induction tutorial with the student’s clinical supervisor.

Students are also encouraged to collaborate across the group by interacting through Microsoft Teams, this also provides an easily accessible support network should they require it.


We are very pleased to offer our own clinical supervisor (CS) training for RVNs or veterinary surgeons who will support SVNs, and mentor training for those who will support PCA's with their training. We recognise the vital role CS and mentors play in supporting students and PCA's. Therefore, we developed a standardised approach to the training and the support network that we offer to all of our CS and mentors. Our aim is to create a well-supported CS and mentor population which leads to the optimum learning environment for our PCA's and SVNs to succeed within their training.

In order to make this accessible to all, we can deliver this training either online or at a number of central locations (post Covid-19 restrictions). We we’re very keen to offer our clinical supervisors and mentors additional training to what may be offered by their training provider.

This is recognised by the RCVS and training providers in meeting the RCVS requirements for Training Practices.