Board members

The majority of board members are clinically active in our primary care and referral practices, bringing a range of perspectives from various types of practices (size and geographic distribution), roles and career stages ranging from new graduate to clinical director.

Founding members include: the Linnaeus clinical research and excellence director, clinical standards and quality improvement manager, primary care and referral medical and managing directors and representatives of the Central Support Team.

The breadth of experience, expertise and roles of the clinical board members ensures that all aspects and perspectives required to achieve clinical excellence are considered, addressed and delivered.

chart linnaeus clinical board organisation

Board governance

The Linnaeus clinical board promotes evidence-based clinical practice which involves integration of best available scientific evidence with clinical expertise and client values and wishes.

Clinical board members research, review and critically appraise the available evidence and in consultation with different functions across the group, effectively translates research evidence into clinical practice.

The clinical board supports the development of group-level clinical guidelines, standard operating procedures (SOP), checklists and policies to help us ensure that our commitment to excellence is consistent across the whole group and delivered by valued and well-supported practice staff.


Board remit

The board’s remit also includes looking at new technology and equipment, novel drugs, protocols and policy for management of complex or contentious conditions, advising on educational needs, along with any group level decisions that would have a major clinical impact.

The Linnaeus clinical board collaborates closely with other key functions across Linnaeus, including the quality, clinical research, education and environmental sustainability teams to ensure that our integrated work is aligned with our overall purpose.