A cat needed an emergency eye operation at a leading West Midlands animal hospital after coming off second best in a street fight.

The cat, called Loki, underwent urgent surgery at Linnaeus-owned Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service, in Solihull, to repair a cut to the front of his eye and remove a cataract.

Loki was at high risk of developing an infection following the attack but thanks to the intervention of Willows ophthalmology resident, Alberto Palella Gomez, he has subsequently made a good recovery.

Alberto said: “Loki was referred to Willows’ ophthalmology department a day after suffering an injury to his left eye.

“He had traumatic injuries to his cornea and lens which looked to have been caused by a cat scratch while he had been out exploring.

“He needed emergency surgery to repair his corneal laceration and to remove the traumatic cataract, as there was a high risk of infection following on from the injury.

“Loki recovered very well and at his last recheck, a month and a half after surgery, his left eye was comfortable with no signs of inflammation or infection, and the owner reported that his cat’s vision was excellent.”

Loki will still require follow-up appointments every six to twelve months to make sure his left eye does not develop any complications in the long term.

“It is a fantastic outcome for him but we’re all hoping that, from now on, Loki will be extra careful while he’s out on his adventures,” added Alberto.

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