Four Regional Nursing Managers (RNMs) have been appointed by Linnaeus to focus on local support for primary care nurses across the veterinary group.

The RNMs will provide guidance to clinical nurse leaders at Linnaeus to promote growth and career progression across its primary care nursing teams. This will enable nurses to be fully utilised in their roles and access more development opportunities.

Three RNMs – Gemma Mogridge, Neil Smith and Leanne Walker – have joined Linnaeus following the successful appointment of Kerry Jackson last year. The team will be covering a range of areas across the UK, from the south-east up to Scotland.

Claire Roberts, Field Nursing Manager at Linnaeus, commented:

“Our RNM roles will provide operational leadership to our nurses in primary care practices and provide a nursing voice at a senior level across the group. They will focus on every aspect of nursing to help increase job satisfaction and progression opportunities for all our teams.”

As part of the Linnaeus Nursing Strategy, a nursing framework has been developed to create a clear career pathway from Patient Care Assistant (PCA) up to Chief Nursing Officer. The RNM roles have been introduced to support the implementation of the strategy across all levels of nursing in primary care.

Each RNM will work alongside their regional senior leadership teams to ensure a consistent level of support for nurses across the UK.

Leanne Walker added:

“The RNM role is an opportunity to support the nursing teams at Linnaeus to deliver optimum patient care. I enjoy the mix of working on strategic tasks while having the freedom to put on my scrubs alongside the nursing teams to better understand their ways of working.

“In my region we are focusing on nurse and PCA utilisation by introducing more nurse consults, encouraging nurse involvement in schedule 3 procedures and offering opportunities for leadership and progression. We are also training PCAs to the highest standard so they can effectively assist with essential tasks such as running blood samples, setting up clinical areas and maintaining hygiene around the practice.

“I look forward to helping the nursing teams realise their full potential in an area that they are passionate about – or help them realise their interest in an area they haven’t considered before”

About the RNMs

Gemma Mogridge previously worked as a Specialist Nurse in Anaesthesia at the Department of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Cambridge. She joined Linnaeus while completing a Level 3 apprenticeship in Leadership and Management, which she has since passed with distinction. “I was interested in the role as it will help nurses to progress in their careers”, said Gemma. “Supporting primary care nurses’ drive to boost clinical standards and care will help our patients and the teams who look after them.”

Neil Smith has worked in the veterinary profession for more than 25 years, based in both primary care and referral practices as an RVN. He is studying for his Level 5 qualification in Leadership and Management. Neil commented: “I was drawn to this role as it gives me the opportunity to make a real difference by helping others grow in the profession. I am looking forward to guiding the way our primary care practices function and encouraging our teams to achieve their highest potential.”

Kerry Jackson, who has a Level 3 qualification in Leadership and Management, worked across primary care, referral practice and education before joining Linnaeus. She said: “Throughout my career I have always had a desire to improve standards of care and I am enthusiastic about the opportunities that will be opening up within Linnaeus. I hope to see the expansion and development of my teams, so everyone can have a clear career pathway while providing excellent care to clients and patients.”  


Leanne Walker has worked in the veterinary field since 2008 and gained experience in nursing leadership roles before joining Linnaeus. “I had been looking to move to a role that balanced clinical expertise with leadership and management,” said Leanne. “This has proved to be a new and exciting challenge.”


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