Life’s looking good again for a young puppy after life-changing eye surgery at a top veterinary referral centre in Cheshire prevented him going blind.

The French bulldog, called Pep, was just four months old when he was diagnosed with serious congenital corneal disease and his owners told he was in danger of losing his eyesight and, possibly, an eye.

Pep was referred for expert care at Linnaeus-owned Eye Vet in Sutton Weaver, Runcorn, where he was examined and treated by Natasha Carr-Sycheva, an advanced practitioner in veterinary ophthalmology.

Natasha said: “This was an unusual and shocking case as Pep was suffering from multiple dermoids which were affecting the cornea, bulbar conjunctiva, palpebral conjunctiva, nictitans membrane and eyelid margin of the left eye.

“Hair follicles within the dermoids had resulted in secondary corneal ulceration and significant ocular discomfort. We needed to surgically remove the affected tissue using a combination of keratectomy (corneal surgery), conjunctival resection, eyelid resection and reconstruction.

“The surgery was challenging as an operating microscope, specialised microsurgical instruments and surgical skills are required to perform corneal surgery.

“Eyelid reconstruction is also a challenge as both an acceptable functional and cosmetic outcome is required.

“The outcome was successful as the wounds healed without affecting ocular function and the owner is very pleased with the post-operative cosmetic appearance.

“Some adhesions have formed between the affected conjunctiva and corneal defect as expected, however ocular function is not affected.

“There’s been no recurrence of the dermoid tissue, Pep remains visual and the eye is no longer ulcerated or uncomfortable.”

Pep’s delighted owner Kathleen Lee, from Manchester, said: “The transformation is incredible. We’ve gone from being very sad and concerned to being incredibly relieved.

“His eye was red raw, looked disgusting and was very painful but now it’s perfect and you can’t tell there was ever anything wrong. We’re very grateful to Natasha and everyone at Eye Vet, they’ve done an amazing job.”

Eye Vet Referrals is a fully equipped referral clinic with cutting edge ophthalmic equipment which enables them to provide gold standard veterinary care.

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