A grateful dog owner has praised a Herefordshire vets for finally ending the years of pain and discomfort suffered by her six-year-old Springer Spaniel.

Bobbie Osborne, from Newent in Gloucestershire, had long suspected her pet Bella had problems but local vets had always insisted there was nothing wrong.

Now, an MRI scan at Linnaeus-owned Leadon Vale Vets, in Ledbury, has confirmed her suspicions, revealing that Bella had a ruptured disc and was in chronic pain.

Bobbie said: “I have always been convinced there was something wrong with Bella, even when she was only a few months old.

“She’s been examined numerous times, including an MRI scan when she was just 11 months old, but I was always told there was nothing untoward.

“Bella’s movement and flexibility continued to deteriorate, though, and she became very grumpy, had trouble sleeping and was frequently pacing up and down.

“Eventually, I took her to Leadon Vale Vets and they were very understanding, attentive and keen to find out exactly what was wrong.

“Their clinical director Rachel Mowbray gave her a thorough examination and agreed with me that there was something wrong.

“She arranged an MRI scan and even went into the imaging room to monitor the process and ensure she had all the information she needed.”

Rachel said: “The scan was a huge help in identifying exactly what was wrong with Bella.

“It showed a bulging intervertebral disc which immediately explained why she had been acting so unusually. She must have been suffering chronic pain.

“We treated her with an epidural cortisone injection and she is responding really well. We are also continuing with chiropractic and acupuncture treatments to help her enjoy even more freedom of movement and less pain.”

Bobbie is delighted, adding: “Rachel really was a breath of fresh air and did an absolutely wonderful job.

“Thanks to her expertise, care and treatment, Bella is so much better now and is able to do so much more.

“Unfortunately, she will never be fully cured but at least we now know the problem and how best to cope with it, including working to strengthen and exercise her muscles to help support her and keep her balanced.

“Plus, we’ll continue the massages and the chiropractic and acupuncture treatments to keep her as flexible and free of pain as possible.”

The ability to offer MRI scanner is a valuable addition to the comprehensive list of primary care services already on offer at the popular Linnaeus-owned Leadon Vale practice, in Lower Road Trading Estate.

Scans take place in a mobile unit which visits the veterinary centre every month and Rachel says it’s a huge help in diagnosing problems and determining treatments.

"MRI scans enable us to examine almost any part of an animal’s body to accurately pinpoint any medical problems,” said Rachel.

“The scans are painless and safe and deliver extremely detailed images which are a huge help in forming a diagnosis of what’s wrong with the pet being examined.

“They are also a terrific way of monitoring the success of past or on-going treatments, either in confirming a positive response or alternatively flagging up that a different approach is needed.

“Being able to provide these scans for Leadon Vale patients is a very important development and extension of the wide range of services we offer here.

“Our aim is always to provide the highest standard of veterinary care for pets and other small animals, covering all aspects of animal healthcare in a gentle and compassionate environment and these scans will help us take our care to another level.”

The mobile MRI scanner visits the practice every four weeks, setting up in the practice car park. The next visits are July 15, August 12 September 9 and October 7.

For more information on the MRI scans and Leadon Vale vets, visit www.ledburyvets.co.uk or search for Leadon Vale Veterinary Centre on social media.

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