A leading animal hospital in the North West has earned glowing praise after ensuring the remarkable recovery of a Labrador suffering from a near-fatal case of acute kidney failure.

The eight-year-old black Labrador, called George, was saved after expert care from vet Francesca Venier at Linnaeus-owned Northwest Veterinary Specialists (NWVS) in Runcorn, Cheshire.

George was referred to NWVS with extremely severe clinical signs after it was suspected he’d eaten something toxic. He had collapsed into a barely conscious state and was fighting for his life.

Internal medicine resident Francesca said: “This was a really dramatic case as George was suffering from a condition known as HE, which stands for Haemorrhagic Enteritis.

“This is a well-known syndrome in dogs that leads to severe haemorrhagic diarrhoea and vomiting and, if left untreated, can be fatal as it can lead to profuse fluid loss and septic shock.

“In George's case, the fluid loss had been so severe that it had led to acute kidney injury which meant he required urgent and extensive treatment.

“He received intensive fluid therapy, intravenous antibiotic therapy, pain relief, anti-nausea and prokinetic therapy, which increases the movement of ingested material through the gastrointestinal tract.

“He responded remarkably and has made an amazing recovery and is now completely back to normal.”

George’s relieved owner Dr Tony John, from the Elan Valley in mid-Wales, said: “We were very concerned as during the illness, there were additional complications regarding potential kidney failure and, because of Covid-19, we were left two-and-a-half hours away from the NWVS hospital in Runcorn.”

Dr John said NWVS bridged the distance by delivering an “outstanding” level of communication and regular updates on George’s condition and his treatment.

He added: “There was a minimum of twice daily updates with plenty of time for questions and for clarification.

“Even after discharge, Francesca still remains available for queries and, without fail, returns calls as soon as she becomes available.

“Without reservation, I would recommend NWVS to other pet owners, especially Francesca Venier, and also the support, administration and nursing staff. We’re extremely grateful.”

Northwest Veterinary Specialists offer multi-disciplinary care in anaesthesia and analgesia, diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, oncology, orthopaedic surgery, soft tissue surgery and veterinary physiotherapy.

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