A dog that suffered horrific head injuries in a road accident has been saved after expert treatment at one of the UK’s leading animal hospitals.

The car crash victim, called Vinny, sustained multiple fractures to his skull and jaw in the accident.

However, Vinny has defied the odds and made an astonishing recovery after undergoing emergency surgery at Linnaeus-owned Paragon Veterinary Referrals in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Paragon’s orthopaedic surgeon Nick Blackburn led a highly-experienced team for the challenging case, which required extensive surgery to stabilise and repair Vinny’s widespread injuries.

Nick said: “Vinny had suffered such severe damage to his head and face that a multi-disciplinary approach was vital to save his life.

“First, we performed a diagnostic CT scan to identify which parts of the skull and jaw were affected and to help plan the delicate, intricate surgery needed to repair and rebuild them.

“The scan confirmed there were multiple fractures which included a mandibular symphysis fracture and fractures running the length of the maxilla.

“There were comminuted fractures at the base of the frontal sinus and avulsion of the right temporomandibular joint, resulting in a fracture through the calvarium.

“Surgery was performed to correct the most significant fractures. The mandibular symphysis was repaired using a cerclage wire, the rostral section of the maxilla was stabilised with two pins and tension band wires while the dorsal aspect of the skull was stabilised with a 1.5mm locking plate to ensure good dental occlusion.

“Our head of ophthalmology, James Rushton, focused on the severe damage to Vinny’s right eye but unfortunately, the injuries were so serious that vision was not restorable and Vinny underwent enucleation of the eye.

“This hasn’t stopped Vinny from smiling, though, and he was back to his happy, lively self by the time of his post-surgery examination. We are so pleased with Vinny’s progress and wish him many happy days ahead!”

Relieved owner Louise Thompson, from Barnsley, said: "Vinny is doing so well after his surgery, he's just like the same dog he was before the accident, in fact he even seems a little cheekier than before!

“He is eating well and playing with his little brother, he is our superstar. Without the surgeon at Paragon, Nick, he wouldn't still be here, so we are so grateful.”

For more information on Paragon Veterinary Referrals, which is part of Linnaeus, visit www.paragonreferrals.co.uk.

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