An adorable one-year old rabbit called Fendi is fighting fit after a life-saving operation to remove her kidney at a leading vet practice in Ireland. 

Veterinary surgeons Claire Meaney and Emer O’Reilly, from MyVet in Dublin, examined Fendi as her owners grew concerned about her decreasing appetite and obvious discomfort in her stomach. 

Tests confirmed Fendi had developed nephromegaly, a condition where one of her kidneys had become significantly enlarged, causing severe pain and discomfort. 

Claire and Emer decided the best course of action to relieve Fendi’s pain and avoid further complications was to remove the kidney.

Neither surgeon at the Linnaeus-owned practice had performed this procedure on a rabbit before, but, thanks to Claire’s surgical experience and Emer’s knowledge of exotic species, coupled with the brilliant support of the MyVet nursing staff, she came through with flying colours. 

Claire said: “Even though we have performed this procedure on several other animals, it was important to consider all the risks associated with doing so in a rabbit, as they can be more delicate under general anaesthetic.

“It was quite a challenging procedure as her kidney and its capsule were full of pus, which made the surgery even more risky. We initially suspected the cause of the nephromegaly was kidney stones, however didn’t find any when we opened her up. 

“Our next thought was that it was likely a kidney parasite called E. cuniculi, one that affects rabbits along with a small range of other species.

“Sometimes we never really know what the underlying cause is in these situations, but the important thing is we knew how to treat it and are incredibly humbled to have been able to bring our surgical and nursing expertise and care together, to help her out of this sticky situation.”

Several disciplines across the hospital came together to ensure that Fendi was diagnosed and treated quickly, before her condition deteriorated even further. 

Commenting on the outcome and her after-care, Emer said: “We are delighted to report that Fendi is doing very well at the moment and was back to her happy, bouncy self shortly after surgery. 

“With some pain medication, parasite treatment and a course of penicillin injections we have no doubt that she will continue to go from strength to strength.” 

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