Intricate surgery at a Cumbrian animal hospital has saved the sight of a beloved Pointer after her eye was pierced by a thorn. 

The tiny object had pierced four-year-old Kona’s right eye and had become embedded in the cornea, requiring delicate surgery at Veterinary Vision in Penrith under the care of clinical director Chris Dixon.

Chris said it was a very challenging case and the surgery required instruments which are more commonly used in retinal reattachment surgery. 

Chris said: “Kona had presented with a painful, cloudy right eye four days after suffering an injury during a walk.

“She was diagnosed with a penetrating injury, but we were unable to immediately visualise a foreign body due to a dense build-up of fluid which had caused swelling of the cornea.

“It was only when we conducted a high-frequency ocular ultrasound scan that we could identify a foreign body embedded within the lateral iridocorneal angle.

“The removal of a large foreign body embedded in the deep tissues of the eye for four days posed a significant surgical challenge due to the lack of visibility. 

“We used a 19G high-definition video micro-endoscope to directly examine the internal structures of the anterior chamber and confirm the ultrasonographic findings. 

“The fragment of stick was carefully removed with instruments that are more commonly used in retinal reattachment surgery, and the cornea was repaired with a transposition graft. 

“Kona is extremely fortunate to have avoided infection of the intraocular tissues and the whole Veterinary Vision team is thrilled that she has made a complete recovery.”

Owner Andrea Bishop, from Houghton-Le-Spring, Tyne and Wear, said: “I know everyone who has dogs loves them as part of the family, but Kona and I have a very special bond.  I got Kona four years ago, after I lost my partner at the age of 39 to suicide. 

“She instantly became my whole world, my shadow and my best friend.  She is a very special dog and I love her more than I could ever put into words, so I will be forever grateful for the care and attention she received from Chris and the Vet Vision team.”

Veterinary Vision, which has centres in Penrith, Sunderland and Charnock Richard, is equipped for all types of ocular surgery with its ophthalmologists offering a vast range of experience and knowledge in small animal, equine and farm animal eye conditions. 

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