One of the UK’s leading veterinary groups has appointed a head vet to lead the delivery of its exceptional care and expert treatment. 

Village Vet, which is owned by Linnaeus, has appointed Isaco deArmas to the senior role at its Kensal Green practice, which is part of a group of practices across London, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. 

Isaco, who graduated in Spain in 2002 and moved to the UK in 2014, brings with him a wealth of experience to help lead the team at Kensal Green, having worked as a lead surgeon, out-of-hours surgeon and vet surgeon at a number of primary case practice across the country. 

He said: “I feel that I am a versatile and confident veterinary surgeon, being able to work as an OOH vet covering nights or as a day vet covering consults and routine surgery. 

“I am compassionate with animals and empathetic with clients and enjoy being a team player, which I think fits in perfectly with the fantastic group of clinicians and non-clinical staff at Village Vet. 

“My clinical interests lie in surgery and I am surgically biased, with an interest in performing surgeries which I haven’t performed yet.

“I also enjoy diagnostic imaging and hope to do further training in this field, while I also enjoy emergencies and day-to-day consults. I am also an official veterinarian, able to carry out passport and export certificates.” 

The fact Isaco is drawn to emergency surgeries can be traced back to an experience earlier in his career, when he was thrown into the deep end in the early hours of the morning. 

He explained: “My most memorable case was a surgery I had to do at 2am during a night shift. A dog had a splenic tumour and was rushed to us as an emergency as it was bleeding internally. 

“It was my first ever splenectomy so I was pretty nervous about it but it went very well. 

“Another case I remember was a dog which had a lipoma attached to the wall of the colon, something very strange in this location. 

“The dog was experiencing problems with faeces and upon surgery, I found this benign tumour was pressing on the wall. Thankfully, it was a positive outcome.” 

Village Vet has 30 practices across London, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire. For more information, visit or search for Village Vet on social media.

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