A pair of vets from a popular Leicestershire veterinary practice have just returned from a 10-month African adventure which saw them mentoring veterinary surgeons in training. 

Partners Mark Page and Lydia Parrott from Linnaeus-owned Woodward Veterinary Practice in Ashby-de-la-Zouch also assisted with outreach projects in various communities which included neutering and rabies vaccinations. 

Throughout their African adventure, which saw them travel across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi, Mark and Lydia lived in their trusty 4x4 vehicle. 

Lydia said: β€œI really enjoyed the unique experience of being able to teach veterinary students and pass on my knowledge of how we work in the UK.” 

Their travels also saw them working with wildlife, with highlights including sedating a lion to fit a tracker collar, and while on an island in Malawi their skills were used to neuter cats in a bid to keep the population under control.

Meanwhile, whilst in Zambia, they gave lectures at the University of Veterinary Medicine (UNZA), teaching new graduates and final year veterinary students techniques on how to spay a large volume of cats and dogs. 

They also carried out spay clinics for local animal charities, neutering more than 200 dogs in a single week. 

Mark said: β€œIt was an amazing and very worthwhile trip. We learnt new transferrable skills including adaptability, problem-solving, mentoring and teaching, and the best use of resources in emergencies.” 

On their return to Woodward, Mark has started a certificate in ophthalmology while Lydia is due to start her advanced practitioner certificate. 

For more information about Woodward Veterinary Practice, visit www.woodward-vets.co.uk

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