Vets at a renowned Cambridgeshire animal hospital have given a much-loved cat the best possible chance of a long and healthy life after successfully removing a tumour caused by a rare cancer.

Twilight received the life-saving treatment at Linnaeus-owned DWR Veterinary Specialists near Six Mile Bottom. 

The first signs of Twilight’s mass, a feline injection site sarcoma, was when his owner felt a small pea sized lump on his back between the shoulder blades, which grew over four months to the size of a small walnut.

Twilight was referred to DWR Veterinary Specialists, where oncology and surgery experts were confident they could remove the lumps, which were actually two small masses rather than one large tumour which Twilight’s owner thought they had felt, with a good outcome.

Twilight’s grateful owner Felicina said: “In the beginning, we were told the chances of it returning were 50 to 70 per cent  but the operation went so well that after it went down to just 10 per cent.

“The vets had also warned us that depending on how much muscle they had to cut away, Twilight’s gait or walking could be affected. Luckily, this has not been the case. He does all the things he was able to do before his surgery.” 

Joy Fenner, clinician in small animal surgery at DWR Veterinary Specialists, who was supported by resident in oncology Filipa Lyseight, said: “The CT showed the tumour hadn’t yet spread elsewhere, but Twilight needed extensive surgery. 

“Twilight had the mass removed with a large margin and recovered very well. Lab testing confirmed the mass had been removed with a margin of normal tissue, giving Twilight a good chance of the mass not coming back for some time.” 

Felicina added: “Twilight is such a playful and happy cat, so we had to give him as much chance to life as we could. 

“We are so pleased with his progress and grateful to the vets for such a happy outcome. Twilight has his sparkle back.” 

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