The owner of an eight-month-old puppy has spoken of his shock at seeing his young pet break her leg after jumping up to catch a rope toy.

Mark McCabe, from Lanark, said his Pocket American Bulldog, called Harley, fell awkwardly on her right hindleg as she landed.

He said he was left “distraught” by the freak accident and anxious to hear the extent of Harley’s injury from the expert team at Linnaeus-owned The Roundhouse Veterinary hospital in Glasgow.

Mark explained: “We were in the middle of playing with Harley, when one rather high jump, and subsequent fall, made her start yelping.

“She had fallen on her back leg, which had unfortunately twisted as she landed on it, causing it to break.

“It was certainly a shock and we were extremely concerned. Harley is still a baby and we were distraught for her.

“We hoped it wasn’t a broken leg but we were prepared for it, given the nature of the accident.”

Manos Tzimtzimis, an Advanced Practitioner in Small Animal Surgery at the Pets’n’Vets’ Roundhouse hospital, took charge of the case and confirmed Harley had sustained a spiral fracture of her right tibia.

He said Harley needed urgent surgery to apply an external skeletal fixator (ESF) to the leg to stabilise the repair and allow the fracture to heal.

Manos explained: “The fracture was not displaced, so no manipulations were needed, but the challenge was that the fracture line was very long and twisted around her shin-bone.


“This meant there would only be limited bone at both fragments for fixing a plate, which is why we opted for an ESF instead.

“An ESF was duly applied to the medial side of the tibia with two fixation pins in each fragment and a bar connecting them.

“Four weeks of strict rest was advised, Harley made a very good recovery and the ESF was removed at the end of that time.”

Owner Mark is delighted with the outcome and praised Manos and the Roundhouse team for their excellent care.

He added: “Harley has made a tremendous recovery and in an unbelievably quick time. Before long she was back to her usual bouncy, happy self.

“The vets certainly went above and beyond for Harley, constantly monitoring and checking up with her.

“We couldn’t believe how quickly she recovered.

“Manos, in particular, was a blessing and Harley seemed to agree as she took a strong liking to him!

“I’d absolutely recommend the Roundhouse hospital. They exceeded any reasonable expectations we had for Harley and how long it would take her to get back to ‘normal’.

“They also showed genuine interest at no detriment to the quality of their work and we are very grateful.”

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