Meet our talented veterinary nurse, Leila Hallaji, who has embarked on an exciting and fulfilling path within the veterinary industry.

After working as a receptionist at an independent general practice for a year, Leila pursued her passion for animal care and completed her nurse training in 2016, through a three-year apprenticeship. She continued on for another three years to obtain a ISFM certificate in Feline Nursing and contributed to the practice's Silver Cat-friendly clinic award.

In 2019, she moved on to work at one of Linnaeus's referral hospitals, Anderson Moores Veterinary Specialists (AMVS), located in Hampshire countryside, where she completed the Vets Now certificate in ECC. Working at AMVS, provided her with the opportunity to develop her nursing skills and be exposed to a range of complex cases. She also enjoyed working alongside certified specialists and being able to give patients a gold standard of care.

Leila’s journey process to get into her latest role, began when she attended an internal webinar, that provided information about veterinary opportunities in Singapore. After contacting Mars Veterinary Health (MVH) Asia, Leila was able to secure a 6–12 month sabbatical to work as an anaesthesia nurse at Veterinary Emergency Specialists (VES) hospital in Singapore.

As a skilled veterinary nurse, Leila has held important positions at both VES and AMVS. She has been able to excel as an anaesthesia nurse at VES, while at Anderson Moores, she showed great leadership as a wards lead and surgery/anaesthesia nurse.

Leila's impressive career journey is a testament to her dedication and passion for animal care. We at Linnaeus are proud to have Leila as a valued member of our nursing team and is great to see her career progressing within the Mars Veterinary Health family.