Ahead of her festive classic single’s annual climb up the charts, team at Eastcott Veterinary Referrals in Swindon name scanner – centrepiece of a £3 million expansion – after Mariah.

With Mariah Carey set to make her Christmas climb up the UK charts, Wiltshire animal hospital Eastcott Veterinary Referrals has paid tribute to the singer – by naming a piece of high-tech imaging kit after her.

Inspired by a social media campaign to christen the equipment, the Swindon hospital picked the name MRIah Carey from a list of potential candidates that also included Scannie Lennox, Scandra Bullock and Princess Scan.

The 1.5T high-field MRI scanner has been added to Eastcott’s imaging facilities as part of a £3 million expansion of the Linnaeus hospital. A neurology service has also been introduced.

The service, headed by Virginia Crespo and Alex Hamilton, has grown exponentially since its launch, and both MRIah Carey and the clinic’s CT scanner are already getting lots of use.

Duncan Barnes, clinical director at Eastcott Veterinary Referrals, said: “The social media campaign was a fun exercise to engage with our followers and name an excellent new piece of equipment that has no doubt helped further boost the imaging facilities provided at here Eastcott.

“Our refurbished hospital and the addition of more high-quality equipment exemplifies our commitment to provide the best treatment to animals using the latest technology and equipment.

“The MRIah Carey is yet another milestone that is helping us deliver world-class animal health care.”

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