The clinical board of leading veterinary group Linnaeus has been strengthened with the addition of two Patient Care Assistants (PCAs).

This is the first time Linnaeus has appointed PCAs to its clinical board, which aims to make it more inclusive by including a wider range of experience and expertise from every level in clinical practice.

The appointment of Alice Boyle from Maven Veterinary Care in Sutton, and Lily Barnes from Paragon Veterinary Referrals in Wakefield, ensures PCAs are represented at a national senior level within Linnaeus.  

The board comprises 68 members, with Alice and Lily becoming two of its 12 field representatives, which are involved in all aspects of the board’s activities. Alice is representing PCAs working in primary care while Lily speaks for referrals. 

Professor Séverine Tasker, Chief Medical Officer at Linnaeus, chairs the clinical board. She said:

When it comes to clinical excellence, a broad range of perspectives will strengthen our ability to explore and follow best practice. Everyone’s views and experiences are important. Our nursing teams are critical to the care of our patients, but until recently we only had RVN representation on the clinical board and wanted to involve our excellent team of PCAs as well

Lily and Alice are welcome additions to the clinical board. They were highly impressive during our application process and have provided valuable insight for us all.”

Alice started working at Maven in 2008 and completed her training as a PCA in October 2016. Lily joined Paragon in January 2021 as a Dispensary PCA and now runs its pharmacy as well as mentoring colleagues in the hospital. Lily also assists the ophthalmology service and is a Cat Advocate at Paragon.

Lily commented:

“I applied to join the clinical board to offer input on decisions relating to client and patient care, so I am looking forward to contributing to the group. I am particularly keen to input on decisions relating to our feline patients and sustainability.

Representing PCAs on the clinical board provides us with a voice on clinical matters and demonstrates that we are valued and appreciated.

Alice added:

I am really excited to join the Linnaeus clinical board and work more closely with colleagues right across the business. It is a valuable opportunity to progress and develop in my role by learning from others while sharing my experiences too.

The Linnaeus clinical board focuses on delivering excellence in clinical care and client service. Its remit includes new technology and equipment, novel drugs, protocols and policy for management of complex or contentious conditions, advising on educational needs, and decisions that would have a major clinical impact across the group. 

The board comprises veterinary and nursing Associates at primary care practices and referral hospitals across the UK. It represents a broad range of career stages, from those starting out in the profession to senior leaders.

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