A dog that was left for dead by a hit and run driver has made a “miraculous” recovery from her life-threatening injuries.

Honey, a one-year-old Cocker Spaniel, was out walking with owner Liam Burns when she chased after some birds and was hit by a car.

Liam described Honey as lying lifeless “like a stuffed toy,” with blood pouring out of her mouth, her tongue hanging out, glazed eyes and a faint pulse.

Liam took Honey to Selworthy Vets in Kingsbridge, Devon, where primary care surgeon Angela Tweedie worked swiftly and successfully to stabilise her.

Honey was then immediately referred to Linnaeus-owned Cave Veterinary Specialists in Wellington, Somerset, where head of neurology Tom Cardy took over her care.

Tom said: “Honey was barely conscious and strapped to a spinal board when she arrived and showing obvious evidence of head trauma. 

“Our clinical anaesthetist Pippa Tucker continued to stabilise Honey who then underwent a whole-body CT which confirmed head trauma, severe pulmonary contusions, rib fractures and a comminuted pelvic fracture. 

“She was a classic polytrauma case with multiple body systems affected and needed rapid and accurate assessment to determine her neurological status and the need for medical and/or surgical intervention. 

“Honey remained stabilised overnight with treatment to minimise the swelling on her brain and provide time for her lungs and brain to recover. 

“She responded brilliantly within 36 to 48 hours, allowing our head of surgery, Malcolm Jack, to perform a complex plating operation to repair her pelvis. 

“It was a multidisciplinary collaboration between orthopaedics, neurology, anaesthesia and our superb nurses, but not forgetting the excellent primary care vet Angela.

“She had done an amazing job which almost certainly helped contribute to our eventual, excellent outcome. 

“Honey recovered in hospital within 72 hours and went home strongly ambulatory and comfortable which was a terrific result.”

Veterinary nurse Alice Mills added: “That first night Honey came in we were so concerned about her because of her initial head injury. She wasn't behaving normally and it was very uncertain as to how the night would be.

“The next few days we were on tenterhooks with concerns that she may deteriorate due to the terrible lung contusions she had suffered, but again she fought on through and we never would have known. Once she was clear of the most life-threatening issues attention turned to her fractured pelvis and surgery was arranged to fix this. 

“Throughout all of this, Honey was such a trooper. We never heard a peep of complaint from her and to see her walking you would never have known how badly her pelvis was fractured.

“The hardest part was keeping her well rested. As soon as food appeared she would be up at the front of the kennel waiting for it. Food was such a motivator for her – she was the sweetest, loveliest patient.”

Liam, his wife Rachel and young children Alfie and Millie are delighted Honey has returned home for the festive season.

Liam said: “I’m not normally one for going over the top but it’s miraculous - in fact it’s so amazing that miraculous doesn’t even cut it!

“Tom was unreal in the way he looked after Honey and us. He’s clearly a great chap who’s totally invested in his job of caring for animals.”

“We are so thankful to Tom, Malcolm and Pippa at Cave and to Angela at Selworthy Vets for ensuring we can now have a very happy Christmas together.”

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