Veterinary group Linnaeus doubled its funding for clinical research to be published in open access scientific journals in 2022, with 33 papers receiving a combined investment of £60,000. To date, 24 of the studies have been published with the remaining nine currently undergoing peer review.

The Open Access Publication Charge (OAPC) initiative was introduced by Linnaeus in 2021 to cover the fees for its Associates to publish in prominent peer-reviewed veterinary journals. While charges vary, this can cost up to £3,000 per paper. The scheme was originally allocated £30,000 in 2022, but the quality and growing number of studies meant the value of funding was doubled.

The 33 studies cover a range of topics, with the majority of papers focusing on internal medicine, anaesthesia, neurology, small animal surgery and diagnostic imaging. The authors comprise clinicians, specialists, residents and interns across nine referral and primary care sites1 within Linnaeus’s network.

The research has so far featured in a range of peer-reviewed open access titles such as Frontiers in Veterinary Science, BMC Veterinary Research and Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery.

The OAPC was introduced by Professor Luisa De Risio, Clinical Research & Excellence Director at Linnaeus. She said:

“We have been very impressed with the breadth and depth of insight from the research supported by the OAPC throughout 2022. The quality of the studies justified an increase in funding from Linnaeus to ensure they could all be supported. Funding the open access publication of 33 papers enables us to make scientifically robust and clinically relevant data accessible to everyone, which will help veterinary professionals deliver the best possible care.

“By making clinical research open access, we can ensure it makes the widest possible impact – while also supporting the author’s profile and career development. We are continuing to offer OAPC funding to our Associates in 2023 and look forward to seeing the fantastic research published as a result.”

A case report about surgical treatment of nerve sheath tumours, led by Oliver Marsh, a resident in neurology and neurosurgery at Southfields Veterinary Specialists in Essex, was published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science in June 2022 with the support of the OAPC.2 Oliver commented:

“My research highlighted the feasibility of a lateral approach for resection of peripheral nerve sheath tumours involving the C7-T1 spinal nerves, and explored whether this might improve the outcome and quality of life for these patients. The support of the Linnaeus clinical research team and funding from the OAPC has enabled me to publish the study in a prestigious journal and I'm really pleased that its findings can be shared widely with my peers.”

Beyond the OAPC, the Linnaeus clinical research team provides ongoing support to Associates, including a clinical research skills course and numerous resources on the Linnaeus intranet. A close partnership with the Waltham Petcare Science Institute provides access to experienced biostatisticians, numerous scientists and opportunities to contribute to large scale studies.

Its focus on clinical research has enabled Associates at Linnaeus to undertake hundreds of studies. In 2021 alone, 149 studies by Linnaeus Associates were published or presented at veterinary conferences. To date, more than 850 clinical research studies across Linnaeus are underway or have been published.

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