A young rabbit can see clearly now after undergoing delicate cataract surgery at one of the UK’s top veterinary clinics. 

Two-year-old Donald was blind in his right eye when he was admitted to Linnaeus-owned ophthalmology practice Eye Vet in Sutton Weaver, Cheshire. 

He was soon hopping with joy, though, after Eye Vet clinical director Iona Mathieson, an advanced practitioner in veterinary ophthalmology, carried out delicate surgery to remove the cataract and restore his sight. 

Donald’s owner Amy Foster, from Denton, Manchester, was delighted with the outcome of his treatment, which allowed him to return home to Amy’s other rabbit Flo, who actually accompanied Donald to Eye Vet at Iona’s suggestion to help keep the patient calm. 

Amy said: “I’m so happy, as the operation has made such a difference and Donald has recovered amazingly well. 

“I hadn’t actually realised there was a problem until I took him to our local vets for his annual vaccination and check-up. 

“They spotted something wrong with his eye and said they thought he might be blind. 

“That was a real shock and I felt guilty I hadn’t spotted anything, so I went out and found Eye Vet in the hope they could help. 

“I’m sure there will be some people who think ‘Why bother? It’s only a rabbit!’ but he’s my pet and I wanted to give him a chance, especially as he’s so young and is such a character. 

“I’m so glad I did because he’s back better than ever now and just as bolshy as he always was! 

“When Iona found out I had another rabbit, Flo, she suggested I brought her in with Donald to help keep him calm before surgery. It was a lovely, thoughtful idea and worked really well. 

“I honestly can’t thank Iona enough. She was perfect and cared for Donald like he was her own pet. She’d pick him up and give him a cuddle and looked after him so well. 

“Everyone at Eye Vet was so lovely and so welcoming and were always there for me any time I had any questions or concerns. I’d definitely recommend them.” 

Donald’s sight-restoring surgery is another success story for Iona, who has operated on the eyes of a wide variety of animals, including penguins and geese. 

She said: “It is very uncommon for rabbits to have cataract surgery as the anaesthesia can present a higher risk. 

“At Eye Vet, though, we have a specialist-led anaesthesia team which is highly experienced, and Donald’s treatment was carefully monitored throughout.

“We successfully removed the cataract in his right eye, he recovered well post-operatively and we’re delighted to have achieved such a positive result for him and for Amy.” 

For more information on Eye Vet, which is a dedicated ophthalmic practice providing expert ocular care for pets, visit https://www.eye-vet.co.uk/ or search for Eye Vet, Cheshire, on social media. 

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