A close collaboration between two of the UK’s leading veterinary referral centres has restored the sight of a much-loved eight-year-old Yorkshire Terrier.

Rolo’s problems began when he started having a sudden onset of seizures but thanks to experts at Northwest Veterinary Specialists (NWVS) and Eye Vet, both owned by Linnaeus, the spritely dog has regained his sight.

The successful outcome for Rolo, who was diagnosed with optic neuritis which can lead to permanent vision loss, saw a combination of examinations and treatments at the two sites near Runcorn, led by NWVS head of neurology Luca Motta and Eye Vet clinical director Iona Mathieson.

Luca said: “Rolo came to us suffering from an onset of sudden seizures and was behaving as if he was blind.

“A close examination, including an MRI scan of Rolo’s brain together with an electroretinography eye examination at Eye Vet, confirmed that Rolo had optic neuritis, which meant the optic nerves were swollen, which can mean a temporary loss of sight.

“Fortunately for Rolo, he didn’t require surgery on his eyes but he did need to stay with us for medical therapy to cure the problem. The good news is that the treatment was a success and he has regained his sight.”

Iona added: “It is fantastic to see that Rolo has made a good recovery. It was a real team effort by both referral centres to discover the cause of Rolo’s blindness and how best to treat it. By pulling together our resources, we’ve seen a successful outcome.” 

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For more information on Eye Vet, which is a dedicated ophthalmic practice providing expert eye care for pets, visit www.eye-vet.co.uk or search for Eye Vet on social media.  

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