A dachshund pup, whose mum was paralysed during pregnancy, has been named Michal in tribute to the skills and dedication of a vet at a Wakefield animal hospital. 

Beloved pet Ruby had been rushed to Linnaeus-owned Paragon Veterinary Referrals at 45 days pregnant after she injured her back when trying to jump onto a pouffe. 

Ruby’s back problem quickly deteriorated and after just one day of spinal pain it progressed to paraplegia which meant her back legs were not moving at all. 

Given Ruby’s advanced pregnancy, the options facing the neurology team at Paragon were limited. 

There would be a real risk to Ruby and her puppies if she was examined with an MRI or CT scan under general anaesthesia. Additionally, the puppies were still too young to be born via a Caesarean section. There was a difficult balance between trying to manage Ruby’s condition without any lasting damage whilst also not compromising the welfare of the puppies.

After a neurological examination led by Michal Mol, resident in neurology and neurosurgery at Paragon, it was decided the best course of action was pain relief, fluid therapy, strict cage rest and physiotherapy. 

After only seven days, Ruby starting walking tentatively before being allowed home. She went on to have five puppies.  

Ruby’s owner, Claire Bennett, who is keeping one pup and finding good homes for the others, said: “Michal remained calm and measured when he was faced with a difficult situation. 

“His decision making proved to be crucial in helping Ruby on the road to recovery, so naming one of the puppies after him is the least we can do. 

“She’s still regaining the use of her back legs and she can get around. She’s five-years-old soon but she’s being retired and won’t be having any more puppies. She needs a good rest after all she’s been through.” 

Vet Michal said: “I’m deeply honoured that one of Ruby’s puppies has been named after me. 

“It was a complicated case due to Ruby’s advanced pregnancy, considered alongside her owners concern for her welfare which meant the number of options available to help her were limited. 

“However, we deduced what would be the best course of action without the need for surgery and Ruby responded very well. It was only a matter of days before she was able to take her first few steps unaided.” 

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