A border terrier who underwent complicated spinal surgery and additionally suffered from a severe bleeding disorder is back to her old self thanks to multidisciplinary specialist treatment at one of the South West’s leading animal hospitals. 

Four-year-old Lola was rushed by her owners to Linnaeus-owned Cave Veterinary Specialists in Wellington as her health was rapidly deteriorating and she suddenly appeared to be completely paralysed and wasn’t even able to lift her head. 

Investigations and scans found a large blood clot compressing her spinal cord in the neck. Highly skilled emergency spinal surgery successfully removed the obstacle and decompressed the area.

However, Lola was not out of the woods yet due to a suspicion that the bleed was caused by rat poison that Lola might have ingested – placing her in very real danger for a second time. Rat poison prevents normal blood clotting and therefore leads to a general tendency to spontaneously bleed. 

In Lola’s situation this would have caused her to continue to bleed after the lifesaving surgery if not addressed quickly.

Lola was immediately given blood transfusions and blood clotting agents which saved her life.

Lola’s owner, Katie Moorman from East Devon, said: “We were very concerned as it was clear that she might not make it. The surgery itself was complex and came with some risk, and then the haemorrhaging and likelihood of rat poison ingestion made it even worse.

“Lola was cared for round the clock by many members of the Cave team and she benefitted hugely from their expertise and dedication, she wouldn’t have made it without them.”

Simon Bertram, head of neurology at Cave, said: “Lola was in a very poorly condition and her treatment was a real team effort, including one of our specialists in internal medicine Adam Swallow, one of our neurology specialists Tom Cardy, our specialist led anaesthesia team, our nursing team, myself and others at the practice.

“It was a very traumatic time for Lola and her owners as she cheated death on two occasions. 

“The good news is that she responded very well to treatment after initially being completely paralysed and suffering from her bleeding disorder and only remained at Cave for three days before being allowed home already able to walk again. 

“Lola’s a lovely dog and it’s great to know that she’s made a full recovery and is back to her old self.” 

Cave offers comprehensive, specialist-led services in anaesthesia, cardiology, dermatology, internal medicine, neurology and neurosurgery, oncology, orthopaedic surgery and soft tissue surgery.

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