A poorly dachshund covered with numerous skin tumours is on the road to recovery thanks to major surgery at a Wakefield animal hospital. 

Twelve-year-old Lily was referred to Linnaeus-owned Paragon Veterinary Referrals with multiple papillomas, which are wart-like legions caused by viruses, that were covering her chest, abdomen and forelimbs, causing her great pain and which were progressing to a more serious state. 

It was decided the best course of treatment for Lily was to remove all of the chest papillomas en-masse, effectively by carrying out a radcial debulking, as well as removing other papillomas as and where necessary. 

Such was the success of both the major surgery and smaller procedures, that according to Lily’s grateful owner Avril Boyle, who lives near York, she is now a ‘different dog altogether’. 

Avril said: “Lily had the most excellent care possible and she is back to barking and bouncing around and eating us out of house and home given half the chance! 

“Her surgeon, David, even phoned me twice a day, morning and evening, to give me updates. The team at Paragon has been excellent. The round trip is 60 miles but I would do a 200-mile trip to them if I needed to.” 

David Barker, soft tissue surgeon at Paragon, said: “In the largest operation, the entire skin from Lily’s chest and inner forelimb was removed, requiring multiple skin flaps to close the incisions.

“The surgery was complex to achieve a clear margin and she has returned to Paragon for two further surgeries for removal of new and growing masses. 

“It’s fantastic to see she is now making a good recovery and that her owners are so delighted with the outcome.” 

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