An unwell cat with high blood glucose levels has enjoyed a speedy recovery thanks to the forward-thinking approach of a veterinary nurse at an Eastbourne vet practice.

Eric, a 10-and-a-half-year-old cat, was suffering from a severe chest infection which was suspected to have also made him diabetic, meaning his blood glucose levels needed to be monitored three times a day.

Usually, this would mean pricking his paw or ears to collect a blood sample but Menna Field, a veterinary nurse and diabetic pet adviser at Linnaeus-owned St Anne’s, was one step ahead of the game as she has created a protocol in using sensors to collect the results in a non-stressful way. 

This is by attaching a blood glucose sensor on the patient, doing away with any painful pricking of the paws or ears.

Menna said: “Eric’s chest infection required two blood transfusions and he also had to be revived. He had been through an awful lot and was getting very upset, and when cats get stressed their blood glucose rises.

“He’s really happy with the sensor and we’re hoping to use them more in the future with our diabetic patients.” 

Eric’s owner, Poppy Holbrook, also a veterinary nurse at St Anne’s, said: “Having the sensor on Eric meant he didn’t have to have his paws or ears pricked throughout the day, which meant no stress for everyone.

“Eric wasn’t bothered by the sensor at all and having Menna able to monitor all of his results remotely was such a relief. 

“It turns out that Eric isn’t diabetic, stress can increase a cat’s blood glucose levels, and he has now made a full recovery.” 

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