A Cambridgeshire vets has been recognised for the expert care the practice delivers to its cat patients.

Cromwell Vets’ Sawtry branch, near Huntingdon, has earned silver accreditation as a cat-friendly clinic from the International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM). 

Cromwell’s Kimberley Sacker, one of three cat-friendly advocates at Sawtry, said everyone at the practice was delighted by the news. 

Kimberley said: “We’re proud to have been accredited as a silver cat-friendly clinic by the ISFM. It’s a tremendous achievement for our small branch and a welcome reward for all our efforts on behalf of our feline patients. 

“At Cromwell Vets, we recognise that cats are unique creatures with specific needs and it is important to us to demonstrate our commitment to those entrusted into our care. 

“We know cats are sensitive to changes in their environment and, by understanding and accepting this, we have put in place measures to make their visits a much less stressful experience for them. 

“To achieve this, we have introduced a number of new measures including separate cat and dog waiting areas. 

“These different areas help to minimise stress by separating our cats from other patients, helping to reduce interaction, noise and smell from the other animals which may unsettle them. 

“In the cat area there are raised sections allowing cats to be kept off the ground, making them feel more secure, and we use feline pheromone diffusers to help keep them calm and reassured. 

“We also provide them with soft bedding and cat igloos or perch and hide boxes, to keep them comfortable and relaxed while they’re with us and ensure distinct barriers between the cats and any other species, which serves to reduce any anxiety or nervousness.” 

“We have a quiet, well equipped consulting room and a range of cat-specific monitoring equipment such as blood pressure monitors and weighing scales to ensure we can provide a high level of care to our feline patients.” 

Linnaeus-owned Cromwell Vets has six clinics and a rehabilitation centre across Cambridgeshire with practices in Huntingdon, St Ives, St Neots, Ramsey, Cambourne and Sawtry. 

For more information, visit www.cromwellvets.co.uk or search for them on social media. 

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