A long-term diabetic dog from Rugeley is once again living life to the full thanks to a forward-thinking approach by a Stafford veterinary practice.

Eleven-year-old Lexie, a cross breed, has been fitted with a special monitor by vets at Linnaeus-owned Donnachie & Townley (D&T). 

It allows her owners to get detailed pictures of her blood glucose levels at home and flags when in the day they are abnormal, enabling D&T vets to adjust Lexie’s dose of insulin accordingly. 

A grateful Jade Cass, Lexi’s owner, said: “D&T advised us to have the special sensor fitted to Lexie so we can check her glucose levels at any time of day or night with no pain or discomfort to her. 

“The special sensor has been a life saver! When we notice any sluggish behaviour, we can see Lexie’s glucose levels immediately through the app on my mobile which is directly connected to her sensor, allowing us to act quickly if needed.” 

Stuart Cashmore, lead veterinary surgeon, and Katie Grainger, veterinary surgeon, have led Lexie’s care at D&T. 

Stuart said: “Lexie’s special monitor provides both her owner and us at D&T very intricate information which allows us to adapt her insulin appropriately. As a result, I’m pleased to say Lexie is now doing well again.” 

Owner Jade added: “The team at D&T have been amazing, especially since Lexie was diagnosed as diabetic.

“In fact, Lexie has taken a liking to Stuart who has been great with her and been incredibly supportive.

“I’m aware how challenging diabetes in dogs is to control and Lexie has certainly kept both us and the team at D&T on their toes through her journey.

“Lexie is so much happier and has more life than she has ever had before.”

For more information on D&T Veterinary Centre, visit https://www.rugeley-vets.co.uk/ or search for the practice on social media. 

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