A popular Ashby-de-la-Zouch veterinary practice is barking up the right tree and has been recognised for its high quality of care for dogs. 

Linnaeus-owned Woodward Veterinary Practice has received Dog Friendly Clinic accreditation by Dogs Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity and the British Veterinary Behaviour Association (BVBA).

It is a highly prestigious honour and the practice has introduced a raft of measures to gain the coveted status. 

This includes a pre-practice visit document to help clients get their pet to the vet in the least stressful way and what to do on arrival. 

There’s also a patient questionnaire including how the pet prefers to be fed, whether the pet has any specific commands for toileting, plus the opportunity to include information about the pet’s temperament. 

There are now dog treats in the waiting room and consulting rooms at Woodward Veterinary Practice, together with pet remedy wipes to help relieve stress and anxiety. 

Additionally, there are non-slip mats in the waiting room kennels and preparation area for any dogs finding it hard walking on the floor. 

Staff are also encouraged to use dog friendly handling techniques, while the sound of the phones has been reduced in the reception area and no paper shredding takes place when patients are present. 

Kathryne Wrigley, veterinary nurse and dog advocate at Woodward Veterinary Practice, said: “I’m very proud of what we have achieved as a practice as it’s an honour to be a member of this scheme. 

“As well as physical measures introduced at Woodward Veterinary Practice, all of the team had to show they can perform dog friendly handling techniques to help dogs feel comfortable and to avoid stress when being handled.” 

Woodward already had separate waiting areas for dogs and cats, plus separate dog, cat and exotic wards. None of the dog kennels face each other and calming music is played. 

Kathryne added: “The dog friendly clinic accreditation benefits all of us. It makes visiting the practice a much better experience for dogs and their owners. 

“Our staff also benefit as dogs who are easier to handle mean we can get the job done with as little stress as possible for all of us.” 

Rachel Casey, Head of Canine Behaviour and Research at Dogs Trust said: “Veterinary care is an essential part of dogs’ lives, but some find visits to the vets stressful. We are very pleased to collaborate with the BVBA to create the Dog Friendly Clinic scheme to help veterinary practices embed the principles of behavioural medicine into clinic life. 

“Vet clinics are at the forefront of recognising and preventing the development of problem behaviours in dogs, and this scheme will help them develop the skills and knowledge to optimise the wellbeing of the dogs in their care.” 

Chris Laurence, Chair of BVBA said: “Encouraging welfare-friendly treatment of dogs in veterinary practices is one of our primary objectives so every additional practice means many more dogs will benefit. We’re delighted that Woodward Veterinary Practice has joined our dog friendly community. By doing so, they are helping ensure every dog has as positive an experience as possible within their clinic. “

For more information about Woodward Veterinary Practice, visit www.woodward-vets.co.uk

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