An award-winning South London vet practice has earned another top accolade in recognition of its first-class care for pets.

Linnaeus-owned Maven Vets, in London Road, North Cheam, has received a prestigious silver award from the Rabbit Welfare Association and Fund. 

Registered veterinary nurse (RVN) Sophie Bates, one of Maven’s designated rabbit advocates, said everyone at the popular primary care practice is delighted by the recognition. 

Sophie said: “Maven Vets is one of the first practices in the area with this prestigious RWAF silver award and, naturally, we are all very pleased. 

“It’s an important recognition from a highly respected, nationwide organisation dedicated to the welfare of pet rabbits. 

“We believe we were always a rabbit-friendly practice but working with the RWAF and following their expert guidelines helped us make further improvements to take our care and treatment to another level.

“For instance, we’ve followed their advice on rabbit friendly handling and restraint and how best to hospitalise and accommodate them.

“We have introduced a protocol on syringe feeding rabbits and emphasised that rabbits should never been put on their backs because it is so stressful for them.  

“We have also been able to improve our care during anaesthesia where we have changed our medication protocol.

“Our nursing team has also benefitted and gained more experience in monitoring during surgery with one our nurses Jade Prior creating a specific advice form that is tailored to rabbits. 

“There’s also now a crash dose chart for rabbits which are available around the practice as well on our general advice sheets. 

“So, our success means that rabbit owners in the Cheam, Sutton and Kingston areas can be confident that their pets will receive the very best treatment and they will receive the very best advice for looking after them.

“We are available for regular veterinary consultations, including vaccinations and annual health checks, and our rabbit friendly nurse clinics will be able to educate and advise owners on best practices for their pets.”

Maven’s success is a particularly proud moment for Sophie, as she and fellow RVN Georgina Bradley-Warren were the driving force behind seeking RWAF recognition.

They are both rabbit advocates at the practice alongside vet Dr Kate Bishop who was also keenly involved in the whole process.

RWAF is a national charity and not for profit organisation whose motto is ‘creating better tomorrows for all pet rabbits’. For more information, visit

For more information on Maven Vets, including its 24/7 emergency care service, visit  

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