A cat who suffered a severe leg injury after being chased by a fellow feline is now back on her feet thanks to a leading Burton on Trent animal hospital. 

Four-year-old Missy’s medical plight started when she fell awkwardly from a high wall as she tried to escape the attentions of a large un-neutered Tom cat who was attacking her. 

Missy suffered ligament damage and a hairline fracture in the fracas and was referred to Linnaeus-owned West Midlands Veterinary Referrals (WMR) for treatment by her local vets. 

It was at WMR where Missy underwent a complex operation to help her walk again which included fitting metal pins and a fixator. 

Such was the success of the surgery that her grateful owner, Fiona Thom-Wood from Hartshill, in Warwickshire, says Missy has a great quality of life once again.

Fiona said: “It was a really awful time for our little cat but the care by WMR was exceptional.

“Although Missy is likely to always limp, I think she now has a great quality of life and the outcome of the procedure was far better than I imagined. 

“I always believed that Missy’s best interests were of paramount importance to the team at WMR and I couldn’t recommend them enough.”

Josh Findlay, veterinary surgeon at WMR, said: “Surgeries on Missy involved placing up to eight pins, together with two bars, into her damaged leg. She also required multiple visits to WMR for dressings and check-ups.

“It’s great to know that Missy is back on her feet and her quality of life is how it used to be. Due to the nature of her injury, she will continue to walk with a slight limp, but her grateful owner is over the moon with the recovery she has made, which makes it all worthwhile.” 

WMR provides a wide range of high standard veterinary services delivered by experienced clinicians and supported by state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate accurate diagnosis and treatment. 

For more information about WMR, visit www.wm-referrals.com or search for West Midlands Veterinary Referrals on social media. 

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