A gentle 11-year-old Labrador from west Norfolk has been dubbed the UK’s bravest dog by his owner and the vets treating him as he has battled highly malignant lymphoma cancer and won.

Nearly four years after first being diagnosed with the life-threatening illness in his lungs, internal organs and skin by veterinary experts at Linnaeus-owned DWR Veterinary Specialists in Cambridgeshire, the latest CT scan again showed no evidence of lymphoma in courageous George.

It’s the third time that battling George has been diagnosed with, and beaten, cancer as he previously had two other tumours removed, once in March 2019 from his right hind paw and more recently had a mass removed from his ear canal.

However, George’s health battles are not just limited to cancer, which would already be more than enough for a pet and owner to deal with.

Alongside intense chemotherapy, George has battled skin diseases, an inflammation of his ear canal, impaired hearing, poor vision due to bilateral cataracts, and a biliary tract infection.

Just recently, George also suffered a severe urinary infection, complicated by pneumonia, which again needed intense treatment at DWR Veterinary Specialists.

George’s loving and devoted owner, Claudia Thoma, said: “Four years ago I had the shocking news that my happy eight-year-old Labrador George had a highly malignant lymphoma.

“I was faced with a very difficult decision as chemotherapy was the only treatment to slow the tumour and maintain his quality of life.

“However, in his true warrior spirit, he continues to cope with all these impairments remarkably well.

“I was so happy when his latest scan didn’t show any evidence of the lymphoma. The miracle continues and I am so grateful for every day we can share together.”

Charlie Pittaway, head of oncology at DWR Veterinary Specialists, said: “George is without doubt one of the bravest dogs we’ve ever had to treat.

“Despite the battles he’s faced, he’s still a laid-back dog and incredibly friendly. We’re so pleased that we’ve been able to look after him so that Claudia can spend time quality time with her boy as he goes on to live a happy, pain free life.”

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